Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Traveller Sunday - Kryslion Cultural Profile

Dug out my old Grand Census book, and generated the cultural profile for Kryslion.  I will have to see about making IS Form 22 later...also adding some T5 stuff from TravellerMap (great resource!)

But here is what I rolled up:

High Common TL:  9
Low Common TL: 8

Energy: 9
Computers: 9
Communications: 8u
Medical: 8
Environmental: B  (with a breathable but dense atmo, this was an interesting roll)

Land Transport: 9 - early grav, ultra-high speed trains
Water: 8 - triphibian vehicles, early gills  (hovercraft are quite common per my interpretation with the dense atmosphere)
Air: B - personal g-tubes, heavy grav modules
Space: 9 - Jump 1, sublight interstellar

Personal Military: 9 - laser weapons
Heavy Military:  9 - lightweight composite laminates

Importance: 0 - unimportant
Homogenity: B - discordant
Acceptance:  A - very friendly
Strangeness: 6
Symbols:  A

Next are two values per item - first is how they profess to be, 2nd is how they really are.
Progressiveness: Conservative / Indifferent  [A/A]
Aggressiveness: Unaggressive / Peaceable [9/B]
Extensiveness: Discordant / Friendly [B/5 - used T5 value]
Uniformity of Law: Territorial  9-999A9
   9 - overall (UWP)
   9 - Weapons
   9 - Trade
   9 - Criminal Law
   A - Civil Law (guess with this population it gets interesting)
   9 - Personal Freedom

Cultural Notes
As previously noted, tattoos are a way of showing social status, including what region you are from. Each arcology has its own symbol and some residents enjoy showing arcology pride. This applies to most of the population.

Additionally, children often care for their elders.

Religious Profile
Just a single predominant religion:  68A5C6-7
   God View       6 - Influential monotheism: God interacts with sophonts only at key moments in life.
   Spiritual Aim  8 - ethical and moral standards are their own reward
   Devotion Req  A - quarterly, every 3 months
   Organization   5 - loose hierarchy
   Liturgical Formality C - informal study groups
   Missionary Fervor 6 - ordinary and willing to convert any sophont
   Number of adherents 7 - 10,000,000 0 - 99,999,999: say 90 million or so.

I'll try and update the guide at some point.

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