Monday, May 01, 2017

Sunday Traveller

The morning started with another light snowfall, covering the port's ;anding fields and buildings. The snow softened the harsh outlines of the older buildings, and covered the ravages of the riots that, five years on, still lingered.

Boris, Travis and Li are having breakfast at the hotels small canteen when their comm's buzz with an incoming call. Li does not yet have a ship comm, she will have to wait until you get to the ship at the Way Station.  It's Purity - she was nearing the port in a prison grav APC when a small rocket launched grenade hit the vehicle, causing it to crash in the eastern part of Startown.  Apparently grav APCs are fairly resilient as she and pilot both survived the crash, but the vehicle itself is pretty much totaled. They have moved to a nearby industrial building and are trying to hide as it appears a small, armed crowd has arrived. She is unable to determine if the crowd are the ones who fired the grenade or have just shown up.  Her final words are, "I don't exactly blend in here well, but we'll continue on foot to approach the port and..." as the transmission gets cut.

Below is the map - the orange circle is where they went down. Talking with the port warden and military officials, due to the current state of affairs on Cyan, the do not recommend a full scale Imperial military approach - they do not want another riot.  They are recommending a more nuanced approach. They have several local ground vehicles that have been modified somewhat to offer better protection, and advise dressing more like the locals.  They will also supply the two Marines that accompanied Boris & Travis on their prison research.  Arms will be concealed in the vehicle and should be able to pass through customs.  So you can bring your pistol and cudgel if you so desire (there is always a chance, however, that you may get caught in customs; however, the Marines assure you that they've done this on more than one occasion for a variety of reasons).

From what the port can tell, there is interference in that area of Startown - the comms are being jammed.  Additionally, no one has claimed credit for the attack.  The port's opinion is that it is not the rebel faction - while not directly pro-Imperial, they do want further trade and access to Imperial goods and services. However, like any movement there are a variety if factions.  They are also not ruling out the local Army, particularly as rocket launched grenades are not easy to come by.

The point of impact is about 10 kilometers out, in a light industrial area.

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