Sunday, November 27, 2016

Session 4 - on to Romar

Travis goes a-shopping. Unable to purchase normal cargo quantities measured in the dTons, Travis scours the down port for various items he hopes to sell for profit at Romar. After a pleasant evening with the Marquis Juliette Sung Ottowald of Mercactor on her yacht the Bonnie, the crew returns to Le Suroit for what was to be a peaceful evening.

In the morning, one of the two air/rafts was discovered AWOL, checked out by our young and apparently brash Quentin. Not long after the discovery, an Imperial Marine captain contacts the ship, with Quentin in custody. They retrieve the scientist, who is now no longer allowed on Trane. Travis shops and picks up items that may be more valuable at their next port of call, Romar. Among the items are several barrels of water - there is an Artesian Water bar on Romar where imported water goes for high prices, according to the Marquis.

Bidding farewell to Trane, they pilot the lab ship beyond the 100D limit as Travis creates the jump route.  With a flash, they enter jump spaces, lights dimming in the traditional Vilani manner.  The week in jump space goes quietly - Boris has some time to study physics this week, whereas Travis does not manage to successfully study his astrogation texts. We're assuming avarice thoughts occupied his mind this week.

Coming out of jump, they approach Romar. Romar is within the jump shadow of the primary star, so the trip to Romar in normal space takes most of a day.  Upon approaching the planet, there is the equivalent of an amber alert: a troop of Aslan scouts (Tyeyo Aueeah This is the Aslan Explorer Scouts) are missing! While the clan has ground vehicles searching, the addition of flying craft would greatly aid in the search.  Loading one of the air/rafts into the pinnace, the group flies down to 
Arlyehyas to coordinate with the clan.  Quite fortuitously (rolling box cars) Travis spots a couple of shotgun wielding Aslan in a ravine, near the geki bush plantation.  Holding position in the pinnace, he radios back to the command center and Dr Boris.  The air/raft arrives shortly after that, as does the ground vehicles from the clan. They have the clan leader who attempts to parley with what is an illegal dustspice processing camp that the Tyeyo Aueeah managed to run into on their hike. 

Initial parley did not go well as the clan leader got wounded by a shotgun.  Realizing that they had nowhere to go, the dustspice pirates made a deal: the air/raft for the Aslan children.  A quick decision was made, and Dr Boris relinquished the air/raft to the six well armed Aslan.  The children were reunited with their pride and families, and that's where we left off.

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