Thursday, November 10, 2016

Session 3, wrap up

The Lysani Labs representative made it clear to call the starport and prep for the incoming scientists and crew. Loading them onto the shuttle took a couple of trips, and then, patients in the cargo area, Travis flew gently back to Trane where emergency vehicles were ready to take the survivors to Casphan's hospital.  Getting cleaned up, the crew also went to the hospital via a port grav vehicle, and got checked out to verify there were no ill effects from their experiences other than several bruises.

While there, the lab representative finally arrived from the island where the primary lab was located. Giving profuse thanks, our heroes got a financial reward.  They duly shared the reward amongst the crew, giving more shares for those who went to the Death Ship.

Released from the hospital, they plan to spend a few days enjoying the sites, and perhaps a bit of shopping with their cred sticks filled up.  They were visited with the Imperial Knight in Residence, Sir Craig (another Craig, not me. Really...) who also thanked them for their efforts in halting questionable research in Imperial space.  Who is also keeping an eye on these visitors.


So we'll do a bit of site seeing and shopping on the planet while the ship gets restocked and refueled. I've got a few equipment catalogs that they can peruse to see what sort of toys they want to get.  There is an Ancient site on the planet, well guarded, but Quentin (NPC archeologist on board Le Suroit) may really try to visit despite that.  And I'm expecting the Marquis they met on Glisten to show up in her yacht. She may or may not be headed to the same destination as our adventurers.

Then I'll get started on the next planet and detail that out far beyond what they will probably do. While T5 has the MOARN concept (Map Only As Really Needed I think)  the planet detail stuff is my fun thing to do.

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