Sunday, January 17, 2010

weekend update

I've released the latest update on my skydrive account:

I'll try & get around to updating the MGT Aid file, but as of this morning for some reason it was not letting me log in.  (afternoon update: I relogged back in & deleted/reloaded the file).

I've also added the monthly payment check - when saving the ship file (and this also happens automatically when you exit the program) it checks to see if we've passed 30 days since the last time we've paid. If so, we add 30 days (and it should take into account wrapping around day 365) to the last paid date, subtract out your monthly costs, and add a note:

You can also add 1-3 days as well from a button on the status bar next to the date:

I've finished the preliminary Mongoose file checking. It only checks the big things (the correct number of fields, the correct number of lines). It does not check the actual values other than the die roll on the actual values table.

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