Thursday, January 07, 2010

better forms

My new job has an interesting form thing I'm figuring out, and the TravellerMap page uses a PDF generator taht could create some interesting forms.

So - if there is a demand for better forms, I may get around to playing with that this weekend.


Jim said...

Being able to generate ship forms would be a great add on for this. I am having problems getting the program to run though. Every time I try and generate cargo I get an error (I posted the error to the Yahoo group the other day). I have all three files filled out with the tables from Mongooses core book. Can I email you the files so you can take a look and tell me if I have them formatted incorrectly? If that's not the issue I am worried it may be an issue with Vista.

Craig said...

you can e-mail me the files to coliver988 at Not sure when I can get to them, it won't be until this weekend probably.

While not complicated, the files are very specific. I really need to add a file checker in there, & try & indicate potential issues.

I'll look into ship forms - the stuff I actually track is only what I needed, not actual ship data as per Mongoose. I just need to wrap my head around forms.

Craig said...

dang - forgot to mention I did respond on that site as well with the likely issues.