Saturday, January 02, 2010

new multi-version trade generator

I've started from scratch, deciding to make it more object-oriented. The new version supports classic Traveller, T5 & Mongoose Traveller. It uses a ship config file that contains the info to run the program, so you could test the same ship in each version to see how they stack up.

The interface is a bit different (and sorry - I am no UI expert). It uses basic CSV & XML files - no hidden database.

Not sure about releasing it yet - I've a copy stashed on-line that does not contain all the data in the tables, but I am unsure of copyright issues.

Several enhancements:
  • you can add notes per system
  • uses SEC format files for the system (notes are kept in the notes.xml file)
  • you can add images to systems
  • uses the Berka 11 world system for showing basic images
  • actually has a few reports
Anyway - lots of work went into this, but it is still not done.


Jaime said...

So if someone asks real nicely for a release?

Craig said...

I'm (finally) working on a new version that I hope to actually publish to the MS App Store by the end of the year. Even have a name - Traveller Tracker. So it took 7 years to circle back around...