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The Fantasy Trip: Back from the Dead

Wanting to continue the game he had started, and then managed to do a TPK, our fledgling GM and his wife came up with a brilliant solution. Through a sad story, we learn of Giesla, outside the Mage's Guild in the Elemental City of Athukthad, having sold all he had left for a major wish. Revenge against the Black Spider who had killed his entire family. The backstory is epic, and even moving. We're trying to get his wife to play as I think she would really bring in some in-depth gaming, but alas, so far she is not playing with us. But she and her husband came up with the backstory, and Thunk, our turtle man, Lurbgub, our Orcish brute, and Prentum all find themselves alive again. The raven about to eat Thunk's eye was not pleased at our sudden return to life. 

Seeing the Lizard Wizard involved in what looked to be a resurrection of one of the gargoyles, we all snuck up behind him and actually managed to kill him off, having surprise. Lurbgub took a few extra stabs in the corpse. Just to make sure. The wizard of course assumed correctly we were all dead. However, the demon's greater wish brought us all back to avenge the Black Spider. Which was of course the vampire from the first adventure day. We did not talk much about coming back from the dead, but Prentum did say there must be a reason. Waking up from death is not something any of us expected. I'll get to play my cigar smoking Dwarf in some game.

Rifling through the dead wizard's meager belongings, we find that he had a ring of stone flesh (which is why my arrows could not do anything against him) as well as a ring of dexterity. Prentum ended up with the golden dexterity ring, bumping his DX to 18. Now he can shoot twice per round. Though I do want to bring up his natural dexterity so that in the event he loses that ring he can still shoot twice a round. Then he can sell off that ring for some good gold. Plus this also puts him at 5 magical items: the enchanted leathers that give him a +3 protection for 5 total, the necklace of flight, gloves of heat resistance, the blur ring and now the ring of dexterity. TFT allows only 5 magical items to be active at a time. Hmm, and the quiver of replenishment makes 6...I forgot and will have to choose things now!

In the shack at the end of the crevasse, we find 3 healing potions along with a map of the area with 4 X's. Where we had  almost captured the vampire was one of the X's (it helps that at least two of us have literacy, though not sure if that directly relates to be able to read maps).

And this took place near Hamor, where my original Fantasy Trip game took place with my other group. There is a pear farm there where peary is made and shipped down to Edge City.
I'll see about posting the entire story, but want to check with them to make sure it is okay to post it first. It's about a 4 page story and does make a good introduction to a lot of things. And it is well written and works well for a lead-in to adventure of revived characters!

Heading back to Hamor to get a rest and recover, we come upon the Prootwaddles we had brushed aside earlier, Boogle Bob and Boogle Bill. To make up for our rudeness, as well as get a good rest, we helped kill the giant alligator that been eating the Boogles. Apparently we were in the Boogle Kingdom as they liked to think about it. After having a some good gator and meeting Boogle Betty & Boogle Bess, we rested a few days with the Boogles when they said there was a Boogle Bane snatching and eating the Boogle Babies. Yes, the GM had a good voice for these Prootwaddles, and yes, we alliterated a great deal as it was a good deal of fun. Turns out the Bane was a giant bird, of which he brought along a huge mini of a hawk - it must have been 8" from wing tip to tip! We did manage to kill this beast, though it turns out that Lurbgug, who loves eating chicken, is not so fond of giant chickens eating Lurbgug! He was not much help in our endeavor. Though he had no issue eating the giant bird afterwards at the Boogle Bash. 

And then we headed back to Hamor, each of us with full bellies, all our strength, rations for days upon days, and a map to hunt down Cornelius the Black Spider. Which will ultimately fulfil Giesla's wish, just not in the way he thought it would. And we've no idea as characters about this wish, but it is driving the story and I'm making Prentum feel it is the right thing to do. 

It was a fun afternoon. Though now I worry that the GM is swinging too low: as players we just need to be a bit more judicious about how we attack our foes, or even if we do. The Fantasy Trip is a lot deadlier than most RPGs (well, Traveller can be as bad as you can die in character generation!). Regardless, it was a lot of fun and we're slowly building up our characters a bit more: I think he should have given Lurbgub some extra XP for his sudden fear of being on the wrong side of the chicken rotisserie - playing up a character like that is what it is all about.

Now to see where I stashed the book for Ankh-Morpork as it has that giant map which is our Edge City. It is buried in the bookcase somewhere, behind all the boxes of minis I still need to figure out how to organize so I can find them. And get all my maps of my game world into a single place: I have them scattered in too many folders to find! Bane of my existence: order in the chaos. Been trying to figure out how for years, and nothing really works for me. Making me think it is entirely me. I even have this issue with writing software: where do you stick the various things? So yeah, must be on me entirely.
Hamor is that little town north of Edge City, and is the location of the Pear Farm above

And (if you get down this far!) I have three more followers! I have no idea when that happened, but hey, thanks for following! I know this is not as much Traveller as I originally intended but I do enjoy other games and did not feel like creating a new blog. I do tag most of the entries (which I need to prune a bit I believe) so things are sort of searchable. I'll probably do another Traveller post soon: started yet another view of Montca and trying to incorporate a few of the things from a few of my other posts into something cohesive and hopefully useful at the table (or at least the virtual table).

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