Monday, February 12, 2018

Tracker - printing is hard

Sadly, printing in a UWP app is a lot more difficult than it should be.  I've tried a few things, but in the end, I may end creating an HTML doc internally, and then saving that to a PDF.  I've not really had enough time to go through all the options, and there is a printer helper that in theory allows you to print a UI component, such as a grid.  But the component can't be attached to anything, and there is no simple way to clone a UI element.  I've got some code from Code Project that in theory allows for a deep clone of an element, but it is having issues I need to work through.

I want to get a generic print thing going as more than just the cargo manifest will need to be printed.

And it was a leg day on Monday - never a great way to start off the week!

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