Monday, January 01, 2018

Tracker - sideload the alpha release

I'm going with this is an alpha release.  If you want to trust me and have Windows 10 and install what I've got so far, here is how you do that:

1. Go to Windows settings & set your machine to developer mode to allow side-loading

2. download the installer package here (this has the installers for x86, x64 and ARM processers - I loaded it on my ARM Win10 machine this way to test):!AgjJYJOsJH7WgYtQgV1IYp11qM_lwg

3. right click the appx package and follow the directions here to allow my not-a-real security certificate to allow you to install software from me:

4. Install

Now this is an early, beta release, so it WILL have issues (I just found that the version editor on my tablet does not scroll so you can't get past the J4 settings).  But I will appreciate any feedback.

Now note that this does mean you are trusting me, a faceless person on the internet.  While this application does access the internet (to use the TravellerMap API) and I've given it access to your pictures folder which may not be necessary to load images but I've not tested that yet), that is all it accesses.  You will get that info when installing.

Also note that if I do make radical database updates, your Traveller Tracker data will go away.  I cannot stress enough that this is an alpha release!

And finally, as to not clog up the Traveller G+ site, probably any questions/requests should go on this blog.  I fear most of them will be of a technical nature if you are not a developer.

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