Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tracker - more cleanup and UI updates

Due to snow, I was unable to get to work today. So while I did spend half the day getting my computer ready to be able to work from home (Ubuntu on Windows without a VM! All the updates! Then Ruby! Then Rails! Literally almost half the day just downloading stuff) I also spent half the day working on this project (technically the office is closed due to the snow, but as some of us can work from home...)  I also spent some time shoveling snow, and getting my computer ready for the project management class that starts tomorrow.  So updates, due to an estimated 15 hours a week for class time, may be greatly reduced soon.

Anyway, after playing around some more I realized that several of my layouts won't play nice with smaller screens. So I've been doing a bit of revising, and some more cleanup under the hood as I've found minor errors when using the tracker.  The only major UI update you'll see from today's work is the available cargo tab.  I've set the major/minor/incidental cargos to just be text inside the button, and that reduced the width enough to fit on most tablets I am pretty sure. I also added the jump distance next to the world name, and if you click on the world name, the world info box comes up just as it does on the jump listing.

I've also had 2 people clone the repository, so that does mean at least two other people are looking at the code. Woot?  I also finished up the community stuff in GitHub (basically be nice) just because.

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