Friday, September 15, 2017


I am a sucker for deck plans.  I must have hundreds stashed away on my Traveller drives.  I even bought a large format printer (goes to 13x19) to print them out.  I have printed a few of them, and we've used them a bit in gaming.  I've also bought the GURPS CD #2 and it had cardboard heroes, so I bought some card stock, a cutting board and printed a sheet up. Not liking the folding aspect, I also bought some game stands that the pieces can fit into. These are 25mm scale images, although I suppose I could reduce the size and make them 15 mm scale for the plans I print out.  I do like a physical layout when we have battles just so we know where people are at.

But my favorite deck plans, of which I've managed to actually use at least 2 times in my sadly finished game, are poster-sized deck plans. I've been addicted to Kickstarter for far too long, but Ryan Wolfe is one of my automatically join campaigns.  Not only does he do the poster (2 sided with a variant if it is single sided) but also a mini as well as a well designed PDF that goers over the ship.  While the stats are somewhat generic, I can make up the Traveller stats as needed.

His latest is sort of an oddball ship which is the start of an alien series of designs.

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