Sunday, August 06, 2017

Traveller Tracker

Well, with my Traveller game finished, I'll try and spend a bit of time on the Traveller Tracker software.  I've got the basic ship entry in place, and now I'm working on the ship class part.  Coming from a DB background, it is all about the various parts and how they fit together.

Hopefully today I'll finish the class entry part. The class determines the ship's basic tonnage, jump, maneuver and power profile, cargo and fuel tonnage.  So in theory, once I figure things out, you could get a list of all ships based on a class.  In reality, the way I used this in the past was only really for 1 ship, but who knows - perhaps some players or GMs have a complete fleet.

So it is a bit slow getting back into this after a few months off: needing to add a new data migration (apparently I added the cargo tonnage later so it is not in the DB yet).

So now we have the basic ship class editor (after the DB migration et al). I need to add that list to th ship editor so that we can choose a class for our ships.

After that, I need to start the ship location side of things. I'll probably use the TravellerMap API for large chunks.  Hopefully I will meet my goal of getting this into the Windows App store by the end of the year for the 4 or 5 people that will use it..

As a side note, the source code is on GitHub, so anyone wanting to try the WIP can in theory download it all and using the free Visual Studio, run it locally.  It is not exactly trivial but nor is it overly complicated (well, speaking as someone who has been coding for far too long...)

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