Thursday, August 10, 2017

Traveller Tracker - Ship Classes

So I managed to get a bit more done, and not only can we save off a ship class, we can now add it to a ship.  The UI still needs a LOT of work, but the ideas are there. So the basic ship stuff is there. Still to go is add the ship date and a model to handle the Imperial calendar, the ship log, location and all that.

I am thinking of adding the High Guard ship classes at least as a display or something when creating a ship class, so that you can put in the values from classic Traveller if you want.  I may expand out the ship class to actually include that info. Currently the name was for that, but I think we may need the Imperial Naval Coding System prefix codes.  So that the A1 class I have can be the Billy Bob class of jump 1 traders (low cost and hitting the low pop worlds mostly).

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