Saturday, October 01, 2016

Refereeing a new game

Looks like I managed to drag John into a game of Traveller. We're using the Mongoose 2e version for character generation, and he survived 1 1/2 terms of being a Scout until a severe injury forced him out of the service. However, he managed to ace his mustering out roll and has a Scout ship on loan.

I'm placing the mustering out at Glisten (link) which is close to the edge of Imperial space.  He will be exploring strange new worlds.

All links to the game I'll try and stick a label (current game) so that if I actually use this blog, any players can keep up.  This will only be public info, so no referee only info.

Here is John's character (which has not yet been named: John

Here is a draft of the ship papers: ISS Scout Ship

And sometime soon I'll generate a brief synopsis of MTU.

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