Sunday, February 14, 2016

Baron of Ipkur

When I got my BBB (Big Black Book for Traveller 5) it came with some credit card sized Patents of Nobility. One of those was as a baron for Ipkur, in the Remnants Sector of Dagudashaag Sector. This is next to the Core Sector, so well within Imperial borders.

And all I can say is thanks Marc Miller & TravellerMap!

Ipkur: C564543-9

Looking at the world details, we have the following (based on Mongoose Traveller version 1; I'll eventually update to include T5 and probably Mongoose Traveller Edition 2):

Starport C: Routine. Small shipyard, so it can create small craft (shuttles and the like), and do repair work.

Size 5: 5000 kilometers or so in diameter. A bit larger than Mars.  Gravity will be lower unless there is a really heavy core or something.

Atmosphere 6: standard atmosphere, just like Earth basically.

Hydrographics 4: about 40% water.

Population 5: 100,000-999,000 sophonts.

Government 4: Representative Democracy. Ruling functions are performed by elected representatives.

Law Level 3: Heavy weapons, combat drugs, intrusion programs, starships can only land at starports or other designated areas.

Tech Level 9: Pre-stellar. Safe and affordable intra-solar transportation available, grav technology beginning. 

And there is at least 1 gas giant on the map.

So, a relatively low tech level, pastoral planet. A whole half G.
Trade Classificaitons
HtHigh Technology
So, what to make of this world? Perhaps it is a retirement-centric world, where old military officers go to live a peaceful retirement. So while the general tech level is 9 according to the Traveller Map, yet C according to the interactive atlas (Ipkur) .  I'm going with a mix: the medical facilities are C, we have grav ambulances and emergency vehicles, yet most people prefer wheeled electric and hydrogen powered vehicles.

A large percentage of the population is older, and retired. There is also a large percentage of younger, service-based who are primarily involved in the support of the retirees.

And there is a write up in the Traveller Wiki. I need to look over the sources.  Traveller Wiki Ipkur

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