Saturday, September 26, 2015

Univeral Apps revisited

I've updated to VS2015, and the previous universal app stuff no longer works.  So I am working on a new version for Windows 10 devices. The previous one was Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.  The new version should work across all Windows 10 platforms, hopefully with a correct view for the screen size.

I am, of course, over-engineering this. You get back a list of starships. A starship class contains the following:

  • StarShip Class
    • Class - starship class
      • Class Name
      • tonnage
      • Cargo tonnage
      • Jump capacity
      • Maneuver capacity
      • Type (A2, etc)
    • Name
    • USP
    • Age
    • List of Crew members
Crew members are a class:
  • Crew Class
    • UPP
    • Name
    • Rank
    • Age
    • Race class
      • Name
      • ???
    • Dictionary of skills, skill level (i.e., Blade 1)
Skills are also a class:
  • Skill Class
    • Name
    • ????
I've left the race and skills kind of empty at the moment.

The theory is down the road you should be able to drill down from the simple list to get standard ship information, crew information, etc.

Sadly I have good ideas about schema, my UX skills not so much. 

I was planning on starting this today but so far it has been a lot of large updates to VS2015 to get things ready.  I'll be able to just copy the existing classes to the new system.

I believe I am also going to look into a local DB to include.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hey there.

Magnus from CotI here and I have a question. Since I am running Windows 8 these days any chane of getting a copy of that Universal App, and I seem to recall you had a spiffy Trade & Commerce App for T5 back when I was running the T5 Beta game which I would also be interested in.

And you lucky bugger, a duchy and a nice hi-tech one too. :p

Travel safe.