Saturday, April 13, 2019

Miscellaneous Musings

I was talking with one of my friends and the whole month challenge thing came up. You know, when you do a post a day for 30 days. Or in the case of Yet Another Traveller Blog, one per letter of the alphabet (I've got his blog linked to the right - if you've not seen it, you really need to as it is an excellent source of Traveller goodness).

It would be challenging (hah! that's the point) but something I am considering to do. I got some good reactions from my Traveller Patron post, so I am thinking I may try something like that. Some nugget of Traveller usefulness, such as NPCs, or maps, or patron encounters. I think there is an actual month this happens across multiple blogs, but I'll still think about it.

I've also decided to try yet again with the Traveller tracker. Although this time perhaps a web-based project. Sigh. I know, how many times will it take? I could wimp out and go back to the Winforms which would be the easiest, and I could just restart with a smaller scale for the UWP version. I downloaded the Visual Studio 19 and it has a few more project options which is why I was considering the web one, but then I'd have to create a user system as well so that people could have their own ships. And I still really prefer more stand-alone desktop projects that have optional internet connections. Because the internet is not available everywhere. Still thinking about it, just have to actually do something about it.

And here is the beach our Delve characters have washed ashore on. The tower is really supposed to be a ship mast with a metal cage. Good ol' Bertram lives up there. We rescued some Brownies before they managed to eat Granite's big toe (well, they were starving).

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