Saturday, April 30, 2011

Silverlight update 2

I've managed to get the 2 main classes compiled, but noted several things:
  • Datatables are not supported. I've rolled my own, but I'm going to look into what I am doing and probably re-write all that. Datatables make for quick and easy data binding, but so do classes. So there may well be a complete rewrite of the classes
  • Silverlight uses IsolatedStorage - in Windows it is buried in the user/local/....someplace area, not sure where it is on a Mac. So I need to figure out how to store the files: we can only read/write to that area. I'm kinda hoping that the installer, if it includes files, will stick them in the right place. I'll find out eventually.
  • printing will have to be completely revamped. However, Silverlight uses FlowDocuments (a MS-version of PDF essentially, which are fairly easy to create and the on-screen and print results are close to identical).
So, I've managed the 1st part. Next step is to see if I can read an SEC file, and generate my set of systems and do some basic displays. I'm actually going to have a Sector class, which in turn has a list of World classes in it (or maybe even Subsector class that has the world lists, not sure yet).  When I get that working in the next few weeks (I've limited time to work on this) and it seems to work for a PC, I'll release it so anyone with a Mac can start testing to see if it actually does anything.

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