Monday, October 16, 2017

Nothing to post

Unfortunately I've been busy and unable to spend any time on any Traveller projects lately.  I do want to do a world write up for Seslshor as that's where the end of the last game was.  I do have some basic stuff for it, I just need to write it up and make a PDF for it.

The software side needs a lot of work still but the basics are there. I still have to figure out the cargo side of things, and that is also version dependent. T5 is straightforward but boring, and I've got the old classic & Mongoose versions.  I may expand out my world definition to include travel codes but those can be calculated on the fly as well.  I may add Traveller version to the ship to move with that as well.  I.e., Classic, Mongoose, T5. I could do GURPS and T20 as I do have those rule sets, but I'm not very conversant in them.

And today is World Cat Day!

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