Sunday, July 15, 2018

Refereeing again

Looks like I may be refereeing again, this time for a short 4 session month. The gaming club I go to usually does a 1 month then 2 month sessions to let people do different things. Not many have played Traveller, so this should be interesting. Just need to find out when this happens so I can start more prep. I'll need to re-read that adventure to make sure I can capture the essence of it and make it fun.

I'll be running the Flatlined adventure from Mongoose, but moving to Q'auntar in my old homebrew quadrant. The UPP is close enough, and it is on the edge of Imperial space same as Neon, just not in the Rift area. And I still have no idea where this quadrant exists in the bigger Imperial space, but that is not really important.

So hopefully this will be a bit more fun and I'll get better at refereeing. Going to be a mix of versions, but primarily Mongoose as the combat seems a bit easier and I like that armor actually helps vs the old D&D style of just making you harder to hit.

I'll allow for Vargr and Aslan alien characters although I'd prefer everyone to play human, unless they've played Traveller before and have an idea of how those aliens are supposed to act.  Way back in the day we had a player playing a Virushi, but a slightly crazy one with battle dress. Wonder if I can find that drawing I made?

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