Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Testing Trader

I've got 1 brave soul attempting to load the Traveller Tracker software. So far it has not worked: basically a certificate error. I thought the HockeyApp process was supposed to do all that, and it did create a certificate when I prepped the program for distribution.

I did manage to install it on my tablet.  The download is a zip file, and you unzip that. There is a .ps file (powershell) that you need to right-click and say run. It should prompt you I think, then it goes & installs the program. At least that was my experience. As we all know, it always works on the developers machine! You may have to run the powershell as an admin, but I do not recall doing that when I installed it on my test machine.

One thing I just found: you may have to delete the old app and try again:

  • Check if you have already installed this app before, if so, browse to the old package and delete it

And this site may help: https://pumpingco.de/blog/9841/

I may entirely forgo the UWP version, and start yet again with just a plain Win32. I would keep 90% of what I did (and clean things up hopefully) but my goal was to actually get an app into the App store.  But if no one else can test it (and it has a lot of issues still, and more that I won't find simply because of my built-in bias on how to run it) it may end up not going there.

And sadly despite having a 3 day weekend I did nothing fun: it was worrying and trying to do homework all weekend. I have some sincere thoughts about dropping out. To quote Roger Murtaugh, I'm getting too old for this...

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