Monday, July 17, 2017

Last Traveller Sunday

The upcoming Traveller Sunday may be the last - one of my players is dropping out.  Hopefully due to other things in real life versus just not enjoying the game.  Sometimes it is hard to tell.

The Selshor system is a red zone system. The primary reason, outside of being outside the Imperium, is the rabidly xenophobic residents. Yes, another xenophobic planet, but at least this one is not a dictatorship - it is a balkanized world (well, one of the governments could be a dictatorship).

It is a small planet with deep crevasses where the population lives in one of 3 major or a few of the smaller valleys where the air is merely thin versus very thin. Most of the planet is high plateaus, which is where the Katydid, Travis' Scout ship, crashed down.  The reasons are not yet known as to why the ship crashed, and the Scout that managed to escape, one of the scientists aboard Le Suroit, has only hazy recollections other than an almost dire fear of the planet itself.

During the week in jump, between research on Girly Girl the Lord Fish and trying to study up on astrogation, the Travellers learn what they can about Selshor.  Beyond the physical information on the system (11 planets and a planetoid belt, 3 gas giants) not much is known about the actual population. The last ISS survey as 11 years ago and apparently they did not get too close to the population at the time. It is estimated that there are about 800-900,000 people, all human, split into 3 major population centers in 3 different canyons that support human life.  The planet is a desert planet with no surface water, although there must be underground water for the nearly 1 million residents.

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