Sunday, April 23, 2017

Traveller Tracker

Having learned that foreign keys are not good, I can still set the data models up the way I want to, then I comment out the code in the migration script that deals with foreign keys. It does mean that I nave to manually link things together, but that's not particularly difficult.

I've added a new page to edit the ship details - not much is there yet, but I can navigate to it.  I am going to rewrite the main page to reflect my initial design - I've added a frame which is where we navigate to.  So the left hand will be navigation style buttons, the main part will be the actual data.

I think the options will be (going vertically down the left):
  • List - list the ships in your database. There will be a button or link to get to the details
  • Ship - details of the ship. Allow editing, and loads this ship as your current ship.
  • Classes - allows you to edit the ship classes
  • Log - current log of the active ship
That's a guess for the moment.  The class is what defines the ship tonnage, jump, maneuver and power systems, cargo and maybe fuel.

But progress is slowly being made.

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